Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I'm pretty happy with how this turned out. (which doesn't happen too often. :P ) I decided to stick by my one thing a week promise, so this morning I grabbed three apples and a piece of white cardboard and stuck them on my desk. I was suprised how quick this was, maybe two hours max, and I kind of wish I did something like this sooner, if you wish to practice digital painting I totally recommend doing a study of some sort, I think I learned a lot from this...
This week has been crazy busy, I've got a ton of aunts and uncles over for my parents 25th anniversary party (This saturday.) it feels like I'm in Holland or something... With dutchies an anniversary is sort of like a second wedding reception...

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  1. hey Diane, didn't even know you had a blog haha.

    good study, keep it up, the once a week thing is great for improvement =>