Wednesday, May 27, 2009

summer time...

long time no post,

So May is coming to a close, and since I've been doing nada in terms of art I made myself a solemn vow to do at least one thing every week this summer. I've got a giant pile of ideas to do so I figure better do them now while I have time. Anyways since making that vow I've made this funky new avatar and this painting. Actually did this painting twice, the first time I was halfway through and just going for the save button when my computer crashed. Not so nice.

Lately at work I've been spraying 24-d and roundup on all the plants, and the blueberries are in that nice stage where the leaves are sort of a pinkish colour, so that and the flowers makes the fields just this huge splat of pretty colours. But I think I just wanted to play with some brushes on photoshop, I love the pastel for the clouds. For some reason I really love the pastel tool....

Anywho enjoy :)

Friday, May 1, 2009