Saturday, February 28, 2009

human lip sync

voiced by sean hayes, from cats and dogs (warner bros) Incidently there's a sequel coming out this november..

when the dairy farm caught fire (verse 1)


drew this little girl and her friend in class.... walking home one day I was thinking what if there were a film that took place in downtown Toronto, and she immediately popped into my head...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

digital paintings, forests

so I just finished some digital paintings in class today, thought what the hey....

the layout is by (I think) Micheal Hitchcox. Not taking credit for that, the layouts he gave us were awesome.

I like the night one, but I just grimace at the pink and green, I think originally the trees were going to be purple but at the same time i tried to make them green and ended up with an explosion of bleh.

We also got to class a half hour early and just drew. I asked what everyone else was drawing and got "steampunk dragons" so I did a very quick sketch. I hate drawing right on the tablet, (those legs are messed.) but this was good practice. Also, I love orange and blue. Stole the blue goggles idea from kristin, i never really draw steampunk (doesn't mean i don't love it) So i was beffudled as to what to do, really...