Thursday, January 29, 2009

lip sync assignment

So for the first time ever I was able to shower eat and sleep properly the night before an animation assignment was due. Spent all sunday working on it, finished it in class tues, then used the hour left over to in class to clean it up and shoot it. But to be fair this was an extremely basic assignment.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

hi and some cafe sketches

Hi everyone. So this is my very first post on blogger. Frankly I just got bored with DA and wanted to try something a little more fun...
(Speaking of DA anything prior to jan 09 is posted up on here I'll keep posting things of course, but theres no way in guatamengo I'm posting everything up here.)

Anyways I'm making a solid oath to post anything interesting as soon as its created, (as well as any cool stories or photos that deserve posting) and I figured 2009 was a good year to get started. We're only in the second week of winter term right now and already up to our necks in work, so provided I can swim my way out of it all there should be plenty of posts soon..

For now enjoy some charicatures, :)
(Ps. to anyone whos actually in these.. sorry...)