Tuesday, January 27, 2009

hi and some cafe sketches

Hi everyone. So this is my very first post on blogger. Frankly I just got bored with DA and wanted to try something a little more fun...
(Speaking of DA anything prior to jan 09 is posted up on here http://di---chan.deviantart.com/ I'll keep posting things of course, but theres no way in guatamengo I'm posting everything up here.)

Anyways I'm making a solid oath to post anything interesting as soon as its created, (as well as any cool stories or photos that deserve posting) and I figured 2009 was a good year to get started. We're only in the second week of winter term right now and already up to our necks in work, so provided I can swim my way out of it all there should be plenty of posts soon..

For now enjoy some charicatures, :)
(Ps. to anyone whos actually in these.. sorry...)

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